You get what you pay for

The phrase “computer security” often evokes images of malicious hackers stealing confidential data. But the field is much broader, it includes confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets. In fact, in some business situations, availability is actually the most important factor. Web hosting is a good example.

Small businesses and successful bloggers frequently express dissatisfaction with web hosting companies. In addition to general concerns about poor technical support, they report two common complaints:

  • Many began with a $5 to $20 per month hosting plan which worked great at the time. As traffic levels grew, they moved from a shared host to a dedicated environment, but found the new service doesn’t reliably handle peak loads.
  • Some found a small responsive web host that, at the time, offered great customer service and excellent performance. But, as the hosting company grew, both the service and performance began to suffer.

The problem results from simple economics. 

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