Rent-a-fraudster website operator gets nearly 3 years in prison

A Belarusian who operated a rent-an-accomplice business for bank thieves has been sentenced to 33 months in prison in New York.
Dmitry Naskovets pleaded guilty to operating, a Russian-language site for identity criminals who trafficked in stolen bank-account data and other information.
Naskovets was arrested in 2010 in the Czech Republic at the request of US authorities and subsequently extradited to the US. A co-conspirator named Sergey Semashko was arrested the same day in Belarus and has been charged there.
According to authorities, the two launched their site in Lithuania in June 2007 and filled a much-needed niche in the criminal world–providing English- and German-speaking “stand-ins” to help crooks thwart bank security screening measures.
In order to conduct certain transactions–such as initiating wire transfers, unblocking accounts or changing the contact information on an account–some financial institutions require the legitimate account holder to au