Israeli and Palestinian hackers trade DDoS attacks in rising cyber-gang war

Pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli hackers are waging a cyber street-fight in a tit-for-tat exchange of posturing, threats of mass credit card exposures, and denial-of-service attacks. As Hamas has egged on hackers in recent weeks, promoting more “hacktivist” attacks against Israeli targets, pro-Israel hackers have responded in kind, today taking down the websites of stock exchanges in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Both sites appear to be back online.
Those site takedowns are in response to denial of service attacks yesterday (January 16) and today against the websites of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, First International Bank of Israel, the Israeli national airline El Al, and at least two other Israeli businesses. While El Al’s and FIBI’s sites have been restored, the TASE site remains unavailable. The attacks are allegedly the work of pro-Palestinian hackers, including one hacker going by the name of OxOmar claiming to be from Saudi Arabia assisted by a team calling itself