China cries foul on US economic espionage report

This morning, the Chinese government responded to a US intelligence report to Congress on economic espionage, calling its charges that China engages in the electronic theft of sensitive technology and business data “irresponsible,” and saying that it wants to help in curtailing cyber-crime.
The report in question, published by the Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive yesterday, found that China was the largest source of attacks on US businesses, and accused Chinese intelligence of being a “persistent collector” of data stolen from US companies. But the authors of the report took pains to acknowledge that the intelligence community could not precisely attribute cyberattacks on US companies to any specific entity.
Reuters reports that at a press briefing in Beijing today, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei dismissed the findings of the report and said that the Chinese government has offered assistance in the past to stop the attacks. “Online attacks are notab