Anonymous collects, publishes IP addresses of alleged pedophiles

Following up on its takedown of a Tor-based child pornography
host, a group within the Anonymous “hacktivist” group has published the
Internet addresses of 190 alleged pedophiles. To do so, they allegedly
collaborated with members of the Mozilla Foundation to create a modified Tor
browser plugin which collected forensic data about the users. Members of the
group also claim that a member of Tor’s developer team is the operator of the
hosting service that serves up several child pornography sites. The Tor
privacy network uses a set of special protocols that can be used to allow
anonymous browsing of the Internet and access to hidden “.onion” sites–a
“darknet” of webpages, collaborative spaces and other Internet resources
hidden from the view of the wider Internet. The Tor network conceals the
location of these services, though attacks within the network can “fingerprint”
them to gain information about them and use other methods to get a general idea
of their location.

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