‘Safe havens in Pakistan remain the insurgency’s greatest enabler’: DoD report

The Department of Defense released its biannual report on Afghanistan today. The October 2011 “Report on Progress Toward Security and Stability in Afghanistan” is a 138-page document that attempts to cover all aspects of the Afghan war. Beginning on page 59, the DoD outlines the state of the insurgency and ISAF’s efforts to establish security. The section leads off by stating that Pakistan’s safe havens remain the number one problem in establishing security:

Safe havens in Pakistan remain the insurgency’s greatest enabler and have taken on increased significance as ANSF-ISAF operations continue to clear key insurgent safe havens in Afghanistan. Safe havens in Pakistan, which directly support insurgent operations in Afghanistan, have grown more virulent during the reporting period, and represent the most significant risk to ISAF’s campaign.

The majority of insurgent fighters and commanders operate in or near their home districts, and low-level insurgent fighters are often