Doing Syria

“Courtney! Syria is NOT Libya!”

Yezzam/Yessir – true that.

Which is why GsGf has hooked up with kindred daemoneoconic kindred spirits like FDD and FPI to lay it out to play out for UnAssing the illegit Allawicious regime in Basharopolis

Check it bay bee!

Long a sponsor of terrorism beyond its borders, the Syrian gov nowbe waging an internal war against its own people. United Nations reportsthat President Bashar al-Assads security forces have killed over 3,000 civiliansand detained 30,000 more since the countrys pro-democracy protests began inMarch 2011.

While many governments have individually condemned the Assad regime, it isregrettable that the internat’l community has not yet been able to muster acollective response. In early October 2011, Russia and China blocked aresolution in U.N. SecCo that would have merely censured theSyrian government and demanded an end to the lethal crackdown onprotestors. Gridlock at United Nations