Slicing the onion: is Tor vulnerable to takeover or not?

A French researcher claims that he and two
colleagues have found a serious hole in the security of Tor,
the encrypted “darknet” widely used to protect privacy on the Web and to shield dissidents and others from monitoring and
eavesdropping. The assertion has created a mix of concern and
outrage in the Internet privacy community, particularly over
the researcher’s lack of disclosure to the foundation that manages Tor’s code base.

Eric Filiol, head of the
Operational Cryptography and Computer Virology lab at the cole
Suprieure d’Informatique, Electronique, Automatique (ESIEA) in Paris, will
discuss the exploit in a presentation at the Hackers
to Hackers Conference in Sao Paolo, Brazil on October
29. Called “How to take over the Tor network operationally,” the talk will describe how “it is
possible to take over a significant part of the Tor network by
combining the concept of dynamic cryptographic backdoors with
some protocol weaknesses found in the Tor network.” The attacks developed