Pakistani Taliban release new video of Swiss hostages

The Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan has released a videotape of a Swiss couple who were kidnapped in Baluchistan last summer and have been moved to the Waziristan tribal agencies. The Taliban reiterated their demand that Lady al Qaeda Aafia Siddiqui be released.

The short videotape was released on YouTube by the FATA Research Centre, which did not say how it obtained the tape. Both the man and woman give brief statements, and are seen holding a copy of Dawn’s Metro newspaper section, which is dated Sept. 15. The FATA Research Centre believes the video was created sometime on or after Sept. 20 as “it takes time for a newspapers to reach a war zone such as Waziristan.”

The hostages are seen kneeling in front of four Taliban fighters armed with AK-47s. Three of the men are masked and another has his face digitally distorted.

On the short tape, the male h