Xbox Live users suffering hacked accounts, FIFA 11 and 12 purchases

Ars Technica has received a number of reports from Xbox Live customers complaining about hacked accounts, unauthorized purchases, and a slow response from Microsoft itself. The pattern is weirdly specific: gamers notice that unauthorized purchases have been made using their credit card information or existing points, and FIFA Soccer 11 or 12 has been played on their account.

“Yesterday, my live account got hijacked and charged just over $100. Specifically, two large purchases of points followed by the download of FIFA 12, which had 2 achievements unlocked for the game, and every MS point spent on Gold Premium Packs and DLC,” one reader wrote. His Xbox was turned off, and he learned of the breach from confirmation e-mails sent to his workplace.

Another gamer blogged about his account being breached.

“Sure enough, all of the Microsoft points that were stored in my XBL account had been spent on in game items for FIFA 11 (I don’t own that game hell, I don’t even like s