Data Breach Prevention: 10 Tips for Fortifying Network Security

Data breaches are inevitable. Ask Sony CEO Howard Stringer, who called security a “never-ending process,” and that no one could claim to be entirely secure. “It’s not a brave new world; it’s a bad new world,” Stringer told the Wall Street Journal. The sheer number of data breaches reported this year alone has led to security experts dubbing 2011 as the “Year of the Hack.” What’s an organization to do when the big giants are admitting they have been breached? With sophisticated malware, advanced attacks and sneaky insiders, security seems like an unattainable goal. Security is everyone’s responsibility, from the board of directors, c-level executives such as the CEO, CIO, CFO, down to the front-line employees who actually work daily with sensitive information. While implementing security measures is important, organizations also need to plan for the inevitable “what-if” scenario when systems and data are compromised. For this slide show, eWEEK chatted with Rick Dakin, CEO of Coalfire, f