Verisign wants power to shut sites down upon law enforcement request

In a request made yesterday to the
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, Verisign
outlined a new “anti-abuse” policy that would allow the company
to terminate, lock, or transfer any domain under its registration
jurisdiction under a number of circumstances. And one of those
circumstances listed was “requests of law enforcement.”
request, submitted through ICANN’s Registry Services
Process on October 10, proposes a new malware scanning service for
domains as well as a new Verisign Anti-Abuse Domain Use Policy. In
the request letter, Verisign stated that its policy would help the
registrar align with requirements ICANN is placing on new generic
level domains. “All parts of the internet community are feeling
pressure to be more proactive in dealing with malicious activity,”
Verisign explained. “ICANN has recognized this and the new gTLD
Applicant Guidebook requires new gTLDs to adopt a clear definition
rapid takedown or suspension systems that wi