Special Abu Muqawama Q&A with Bryan Denton

The photojournalist Bryan Denton has been a friend for several years, and this past year has been a career year for him.
Those who followed the reporting of C. J. “Chris” Chivers from Libya
probably also know of Bryan’s photographs. Bryan and I caught up a few weeks
ago at the wedding of some friends, and I convinced him, late one night, to
answer a few questions for the blog. What follows is some pretty incredible
testimony from one of the bravest men in the business.
What a year! I hardly know
where to begin, given all that you and your cameras have seen over the past 10
months. Let’s begin with something you didn’t see — Egypt. After living in the
Middle East for all these years, you missed the kickoff to the Arab Spring!
Ha, I wish I had been able to be there. I was stuck for most of
February on a small base in southern Helmand Province, embedded with U.S.
Marines on an assignment that had taken some time to get set up so I couldn’t
get out of it. I was leaving Beirut for this