Arms control in the fifth domain

THE British foreign secretarys Twitter-borne Q&A on cyberspace was, predictably, less than enlightening. In one tweet William Hague declares: I agree w/ @graphiclunarkid internet should be open & safe for all, with right balance between intellectual property & accessibility But how, precisely, should one balance openness and security on the internet? How to preserve the inventiveness and productivity of the digital age, while averting the threats of crime, espionage and warfare in cyberspace? While millions are paying tribute to the interconnected world that Steve Jobs helped to create, securocrats fret about the growing vulnerabilities: could a country launch a crippling attack through cyberspace? For military types, cyberspace is now the fifth dimension of warfare, after land, sea, air and space. For more on this, see last year’s cover story on Cyberwar in The Economist (here), and the accompanying leader (here). Should there be arms-control agreements to regulate future digital conf