Johnsen and Stuster on Yemen

Yesterday, friend-of-the-blog Gregory Johnsen released his new report on Yemen for the Council on Foreign Relations. I am no Yemen specialist, but knowing something about both the broader region and military operations, I was one of the people gathered by the CFR a few months ago to help Greg with his recommendations. I predict Greg’s paper will become one of the primary points of reference for U.S. policy-makers working on the region and am always impressed by Greg’s work.
One of our research interns here at the Center for a New American Security, Dana Stuster, has been following developments in and U.S. policy toward Yemen quite closely. Dana is also a fan of Greg’s work and has some constructive criticism, which is published below.
The commentary (mine included) on the
Yemeni uprising has been focused on what is happening, and not necessarily how
to proactively address it. There are reasons for this. On account of its
continuing counterterrorism cooperation with the Saleh