A home invasion leads to a breach for a local lawyer


I apologize to The Breach Blog readers for falling behind in posting new breaches. We have been very busy lately at FRSecure, helping our clients prevent breaches! There are around a dozen breaches that I need to write about, including six from the New Hampshire Attorney General. Thank you for your patience, and stay tuned!


Date Reported:

Letter dated 7/26/10, posted online 9/17-9/18


George R. LaRocque, Jr. – Attorney at Law




Hudson, New Hampshire



Number Affected:

“approximately 25”

Types of Data:

Personal information “including such things as names, social security numbers, tax identification numbers, account numbers, etc.”

Breach Description:

On the morning of July 26, 2010 Mr. LaRocque awoke to find that someone had entered his home and stole his laptop computer from his kitchen. The laptop contained personal information belonging to some (or